Karachi Bioethics Group (KBG)

Individuals with Shared Interest in Bioethics

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The Karachi Bioethics Group (KBG), initiated in 2004, is a voluntary forum for individuals (mostly healthcare professionals) who share an interest in bioethics. It provides an opportunity for members to identify ethical issues in healthcare (including but not limited to medical practice, education, organization and governance) that are pertinent to Pakistan, raise them in the group’s meetings for discussion and subsequently generate awareness or advocacy at adequate levels including the general public.

Bioethics related conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums and teaching sessions

Grants poster
Hybrid Practicum on Bioethics Grant Writing 2024
An intensive program that will consist of a series of engaging activities including four brief virtual...
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Karachi bioethics group
KBG December Meeting
CBEC-SIUT, Karachi, December 12, 2023
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