Institutional Ethical Guidelines for Physician Pharmaceutical Industry Interaction

To provide an ethical framework to guide the physician-pharmaceutical industry interactions in Pakistan in order to move from what is to what ought to be

In 2008, the KBG undertook the project of developing guidelines for physician-pharmaceutical industry interactions in response to growing concerns among physicians and the general public regarding reports of unethical practices and the increasing influence of drug and device companies on physicians.

As a result, a working group was formed within the KBG, which convened on several occasions to create these guidelines. The working group reviewed existing sets of guidelines (see Appendix 2) and sought opinions from physicians within and outside Karachi working at various institutions. Drafts were presented to the KBG over two meetings, during which intensive discussions took place before finalizing the guidelines. The group had diverse opinions, with some considering the guidelines too idealistic for our environment. However, some KBG members pointed out that similar practices were already in place in their institutions, making them realistic and feasible.

The document that follows represents the consensus of KBG members and underwent review in 2011. These guidelines primarily target physicians working in institutions and can serve as a valuable resource for the development of institutional guidelines.

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