Understanding Medical Error​

A handbook addressing basic concepts and stressing reporting, analysis and disclosure. Also contains a legal opinion on Pakistani laws pertaining to the subject.

This handbook provides an overview of medical errors, addressing key concepts and striving to enhance understanding of related terminologies. The text emphasizes the significance of reporting, its analysis, and the proper disclosure of medical errors. Additionally, it offers a legal opinion on Pakistani laws related to the subject. Readers will find this book immensely helpful not only in identifying medical errors but also in managing them.

In December 2013, the KBG recognized the need for a booklet on medical errors, noting a lack of understanding and dialogue on the subject. This gap was highlighted by the growing societal distrust of healthcare professionals and the media’s ambiguity in reporting events and incidents related to healthcare.

To address this need, a sub-committee was formed, including Dr. Naima Zamir and Dr. Tayyaba Batool, pediatric surgeons at the National Institute of Child Health (NICH); Dr. Yasmin Wajahat, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Sindh Government Qatar Hospital; and two general surgeons, Dr. Nida Wahid Bashir and Dr. Bushra Shirazi at Patel Hospital and Ziauddin Medical University, respectively. Ms. Sharmeen Khan, an advocate, provided a legal opinion on Pakistani law.

The committee members convened approximately 15 times, thoroughly reviewing the literature and compiling various points on the subject. During these meetings, an initial draft was created and shared with the Karachi Bioethics Group, followed by multiple communications with the larger group to incorporate their valuable comments, resulting in the final version.

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