Meeting 2008

The KBG meeting place this year is the Ziauddin Medical University Hospital in Clifton. Due to the sustained interest of members, it was decided to increase the frequency of meetings to once every two months. To date, the group has discussed issues of "consent in ICU settings," highlighting the need for hospitals to create policies on this matter. The group also discussed "collusion of physician and state," an issue highlighted in the press after the events of December 2007 and the unsatisfactory role of the physicians in the issuance of a postmortem report following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. KBG condemned the pressures placed on physicians who were involved in the case, and the practice of state coercion of physicians in falsifying medical reports. A press release was submitted highlighting KBG concerns about coercion of physicians by the government, and the need for their protection against this practice.