Karachi Bioethics Group Meetings 2011

Host of the Year 2011 - Karachi Medical & Dental College

In 2011, Karachi Medical and Dental College had the honor of hosting meetings for the Karachi Bioethics Group. On average, 20 to 30 members usually attended these meetings.

During the first meeting, discussions centered on medical errors and negligence. Simultaneously, the committee responsible for developing Pharma-physicians guidelines discussed its progress on two occasions, namely the Dental Conference and a Seminar on Muslim Women, members were informed during the April meeting. Reports had been submitted regarding the KBG stall and presentation at the Dental Conference. Some financial developments on PPI guidelines were discussed, and a major discussion took place on the young doctors’ strike in Punjab.

The subsequent meeting focused on developing the Medical Errors guidebook and the PPI guidelines manual. Reports from the ERB workshop led to a comprehensive discussion on the role of current ERBs IRCs in Pakistan, especially in CDGK and Karachi. Members also expressed reservations on a few agenda points.

The August meeting covered a euthanasia case from the Indian Supreme Court, where Aruna Shanbaug’s plea was rejected. The Evening Medical College issue was also discussed, with a member strongly expressing reservations about evening medical teachings and planning to write in the media about KBG’s stance on an individual basis.

In the October meeting, core issues discussed included cultural beliefs and their role in bioethics. An article was presented on end-of-life care decisions, and ethical issues related to bio-eradication were discussed. Some thoughts on moral discomfort were also shared, and members decided to emphasize institutional ethics in future meetings.

In December, discussions revolved around the final stages of PPI guidelines development. Locum appointments, especially the CPSP’s role, were discussed, and public health ethics and institutional ethical issues were presented and discussed. The venue for 2012 was also deliberated upon.

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